I just fount this really cool thing. Its called Adruino. This is a mini/micro PC looks like it will fit the bill for small scale automated control and monitoring. What’s really cool is that its Open source Hardware, which is a reletave new idea with the same basic philosophy of the traditional Open source community.

The Adruino platform not only has digital and analog I/O, but it has these add-on “shields” as they are called, that allow Ethernet, bluetooth, and many other options and forms of communications. I will definitely be messing around with one of these guys this winter, and posting some articles on my other blog site.

— Mike


Just in case you are interested, here is my Myspace page

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Theremins are awesome!

August 15, 2009

My son, the amazing musician, decided he wanted to build a theremin. So we went online and found a company that sells Theremin kits. So he built one.

Here is a link to a time lapse video of him building his theremin:

Jon’s Theremin building

Hope you enjoy it!

— Mike

The other day I needed to to add a second hard drive to my Ubuntu server. I had some problems finding information on how to add a second drive in Ubuntu, so I ended up writing a how to add a second hard drive for Ubuntu.

— Mike

I was at work today, and we are switching our online listening from windows media format to mp3 format. The reason for this is so our stream is compatible with radiolicious. So why do we want that? well, they are a streaming service what streams to iPhones. How cool is that?

Anyway, all that to say here is an open source flash based player that goes on websites so all of this stuff will work.

Here is the link: www.flash-mp3-player.net a word of warning though, most of this page is in english, but the how to is in French! Allrighty then! But thanks to Yahoo’s Babelfish, here is the page translated into english:

The How to in english

— Mike

Digital Flash Hacks

August 9, 2009

One of my hobbies is digital photography. However with my budget being the way it is, I can’t afford any equipment. As such one tends to get a bit uhhh creative. Here is a post on several flash mods that will greatly improve your flash photography.

— Mike

If your internet surfing seems a bit slow, here is an article on how to use OpenDNS to speed up your internet surfing. Not only that, you can use OpenDns to surf safer as well.

— Mike

Hello world!

August 8, 2009


    printf("Hello World");

Ok, proof that I am a geek, as well as an old (very old) C programmer.
Just getting started here, so not much to say just yet. Although you 
might want to check out my other blog, mikestechblog.com.

OK bye!

     -- Mike

Found a nice blog..

August 8, 2009


Just a quick note. I found this blog that has lots of good info about blogging.

Here is the link: http://hospitalera.com/

— Mike