Yes, my son is with his friend Derek, at the SXSW movie and music festival this week. Not only are they there to hang out and enjoy some great music, but they are also playing there!

He went down to San Fransicso for a week before they went to the SXSW festival to practice. But before they left, my son had the opportunity to fulfuill a lifetime dream, when he “traveled to forest moon of Endor!”. I’m pretty sure mind altering substances weren’t involved, as it was in theĀ  Muir Woods National Forest, where the Endor scenes for the film “Return of the Jedi” were filmed.

Then yesterday, they made it to Audtin, Texas for SXSW!

The band is called Perhapsy, and according to their myspace page, their music is Indie / Ambient / Experimental.

According to Derek’s blog, they will be playing at the following dates and times:

Friday, March 19th @ Casa De Gallo (2604 Diaz St.), 7 PM

Saturday, March 20th @ Canvas, 11 PM

Good luck boys!